Organize, Sort and Locate your computer files in a few clicks.

Cataleezr automatically sorts and groups your files allowing you to work faster and more efficiently

cataleezr file management software

What is Cataleezr

Cataleezr is your trusted documents partner. A seasoned file manager which helps you sort and organise your files in a few clicks

Plus, you don’t have to worry about locating them. This tool, this modern file manager sorts them into the appropriate folders and subfolders, which are easy to locate.

The documents are grouped by topics. You do nothing Cataleezr does it for you.

Many Advanced Features

cataleezr file management software


Cataleezr analyses and infers your documents to find the appropriate topic. Then it groups your documents by topics

cataleezr file management software


Cataleezr extracts relevant words from documents then it groups the documents using these keywords. You can add your own keywords to the documents.

cataleezr file management software

Folder Names

Users can name the output folder according to their preferences using the following variables: topic name, file extension, file modification date, process execution date.

cataleezr file management software

Increase your Productivity

Rename the existing topics using your own terminologies.

Set the output folders based on the topics and subjects of your documents and files.

Set the input folder for Cataleezr to be able to scan and organize or sort your documents in the correct output folders.

To allow you quickly find your documents based on their content and your needs, without typing any keyword to search for them.

A faster and more efficient way to find your files on your computer

No need to remember the words in your documents. Even without the words in your documents and unlike the search in your usual file explorer, Cataleezr will integrate similar documents in the search results, which will be useful for you to handle your tasks.

The documents found during your search will also allow you to find all the documents on the same topic or subject

cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software


Do not waste your time remembering where you saved your files. Use Cataleezr which saves your files in the right place, remembers their locations using document topics and keywords, but also helps you find them in one click.

A fully customisable tool

Set the output folders either globally or specifically for each topic.

Set input folders.

Enable or disable the automatic scanning of input folders.

Disable or Enable automatic keywords creation for any document.

Set the number of keywords extracted by Cataleezr from each document.

Set the number of keywords displayed per page when browsing the keywords to find your documents.

Add, if you wish, a validation request before saving (moving your documents and files to the output folders).

Increase or decrease the history of actions performed by Cataleezr.

Precisely indicate the types of documents or files to be considered when scanning input folders. Eg: *.pdf, *.docx, *.ppt

Indicate your preferred date format in the name of the output folders if necessary….

Software screenshots

Is Cataleezr Free ?

Cataleezr is free in its basic mode. In other words, if you want to manage less than 100 documents, you do not have to pay anything. However, you must create an account to access and use the app.

To manage more than 100 documents, you need to get the monthly or annual subscription. The features of each subscription are listed in the table below:


Cataleezr Monthly Subscription

USD $ 5 / month

Subscribe on the app.

Cataleezr YEARLY Subscription

USD $ 36 / year

Subscribe on the app.

cataleezr file management software

File Manager Software Overview

File management final cut pro, With this modern search function, you can access your file document with your desired TAG which you put on in Cataleezr file management.

File management for mac, You can do any kind of file management in the same way as you can do it on your mobile or file management on windows 10. How it works for other devices. Look Here.

It brings ease to your daily life routine, you get rid of the Burdon to handle and manage digital data CataleezrFile management essay is easy for every age of the person.

There is a lot more file management function in Cataleezr file management, for example, you can zip the bigger size of the file into small size and save your storage with this function you can keep your zip date always with you which you can access any time from your Cataleezr file management. How File Manager Works.