A tool that smartly groups your files and documents, allowing to locate them quickly.

Cataleezr’s features allow you to easily access your documents and files on your computer effortlessly and in no time.

cataleezr file management software

How does Cataleezr organize documents and files?

Cataleezr organizes and classifies your documents and files in two major ways : by topics and by keywords.

IMPORTANT: The current version of Cataleezr does not support image, audio and video files.

cataleezr file management software

By topics

More than 50 topics are currently available . Cataleezr analyzes documents to find the right topic for your document. Then it classifies it in one of the 50+ available topics.

Only the main topic of the document or file is considered by Cataleezr. It will find it on its own from the content of your document. All the documents having the same main topic will therefore be grouped together under this topic regardless of their location on your computer.

The choice of the location of files and documents is yours. You choose how and where to save your newly analyzed files. Cataleezr will be able to locate them and connect them to the same topic.

By keywords

When analysing documents or files, Cataleezr extracts important words. 30 important words are extracted by default. The documents are then grouped using the important words extracted by Cataleezr.

You can, at any time, delete, edit, or even complete the keywords extracted automatically by Cataleezr. If a keyword is common to several documents, this word will not be duplicated, but a link will be created among the different documents. These documents are then grouped around this keyword.

Cataleezr will display the number of documents connected to one keyword. You can also disable automatic keyword extraction. In that case, to group documents and files by keywords, you will need to create the keywords manually.

cataleezr file management software

Where and how does Cataleezr save your documents and files on your computer?

To organize and sort your documents and files you can indicate them manually or let Cataleezr find them automatically.

Likewise, you have full control over the location (folder) of your documents and files.

After analysing the documents and files, Cataleezr will move your file from current location to new location based on the Output Folder Settings.

cataleezr file management software


From the Cataleezr GUI, you can select a folder and open it. Cataleezr will display the folder’s content. You may include the files and documents found in the subfolders.

You can also drag and drop files from File Explorer (on Windows) or Finder (on Mac) to the Cataleezr GUI.

You can remove documents or files from the resulting list. And then start the process to organize and sort your selected documents and files


By default, Cataleezr does not scan folders. You can enable this feature by setting several folders to list from: Dashboard – Folders Setting – Input Folders. Then you can set the type of files to be considered (example: *.pdf, *.docx, *.zip)

Cataleezr will regularly (every 3 minutes) list the content of the folders thus configured and will display the number of files found.

The configuration has two additional options:

Do not scan configured folders (not checked by default)

Do not display the files found when listing folders (not checked by default)

The files found when listing folders are automatically organized and sorted as if you had selected them manually.

Warning: This automatic process only works when Cataleezr is started, not as a background process on your computer

cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software


By default Cataleezr will move your documents and folders to the output folder: $USER_HOME/Documents/Organized/{{{topic_name}}}/{{{execution_date}}} where:

$USER_HOME = C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Documents on Windows or $USER_HOME = /users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Documents on MacOs and Linux

{{{topic_name}}} is the name of the main topic of the document

{{{execution_date}}} is the date of execution of the Cataleezr process

It could happen that Cataleezr does not have the permission to write to the $USER_HOME folder. If this issue occurs, you will need to grant the permission to write to this folder.

You can set the output folders more specifically based on the documents’ topics. From Dashboard – Folders Setting – “To add specific settings for output folders (by topic), click here”. Then you can rename all the available topics and set the output folder associated with the topic.

Two other variables (in addition to {{{topic_name}}} and {{{execution_date}}}) are available to name the folders and subfolders when setting the output folders.

{{{file_modification_date}}} is the modification date of the file

{{{file_extension}}} is the extension of the file being analyzed

The default date format variable is: yyyy-mm-dd. You can use the description link which below variables (in the app) to know mor about date format.

File Management and It​s Effectiveness: An In-depth Guide

With lots of technologically advanced gadgets in the world today featuring massive storage spaces, people are finding it increasingly daunting to organize their files
While so many software can create default storage folders to help put things into perspective, it doesn’t provide results as efficiently as a file management system. Without further ado, let’s give meaning to this broad concept.

File Management Definition

Simply put, file management is the creation of an orderly structure for adequate storage and data retrieval. Previously involving basic processes such as file grouping into the relevant folders and subfolders, file management has evolved to cater to the seamless transfer of files across multiple platforms.

File Management Examples

Due to the growing demand for hitch-free file management, many file management software are in different technological markets currently. Some worthy mentions include:
  • Cataleezr
  • ES File Explorer
  • Outlook
  • RS File Manager
  • Google Drive
cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software

How These File Management Software Can Benefit You

No matter how well you arrange your files, having a file management system comes with a truckload of benefits, including:


With the frequency of files and documents stored on devices, most people find it arduous to create new folders and arrange their files in them. As a result, retrieving relevant files is synonymous with finding a needle in a haystack.
Without proper file management, precious time goes by in a flash as you frantically peruse through huge days volumes to find what you need. In addition to the time wasted, you might end up with nothing to show for your efforts.
However, having file management software saves you valuable time by grouping all your files into the appropriate folders, allowing you to locate them with a cursory glance.
cataleezr file management software

Increased Privacy

The default setting of the file management in OS makes your files and folders publicly accessible. Although you could activate security using locks to restrict access to your files, this measure isn’t practical as there’s a noticeable absence of several security layers present on file management software.
The default setting of the file management in OS makes your files and folders publicly accessible. Although you could activate security using locks to restrict access to your files, this measure isn’t practical as there’s a noticeable absence of several security layers present on file management software.

More Storage Space

In addition to grouping your files into easily accessible folders, file management software frees up storage space.
With most apps constantly striving to monitor your online activities 24/7, your device’s memory continuously fills up with loads of cookies and cached data. With this development, you might have to download files repeatedly or recreate an entirely new file like most people, thereby making your storage space contain heaps of redundant files.
However, file management software helps you solve this problem by scanning each file for relevant keywords and spotting every duplicate.
cataleezr file management software

How File Management Software Work

Although most people have developed different methods for managing the files on their devices, such methods are unsuitable for large data volumes. Also, the frequency with which such mobile devices receive data can overwhelm any manual file management system. Consequently, the most efficient file management systems are file management software.
Most devices allow users to organize files with the default file management in operating system. But there’s a caveat as these systems lack many file management tools, making the file management software popular.
File management software like Cataleezr provides a comprehensive solution for organizing your files by grouping your files into specific folders using relevant keywords. With this feature, you can locate your files whenever you need them, even if you have trouble remembering the file name.
Are you also on the lookout for an effective file management PDF? Cataleezr is suitable for any data type present on your storage device. Having a presence on multiple platforms, you can search for files on other devices, regardless of location. With file management in operating system PPT available, people appreciate the Cataleezr software for its versatility.
There is no need to worry about subscribing. You could enjoy a wide range of Cataleezr file management features without paying a dime. However, you could also choose a suitable pricing plan to enjoy unlimited access to all of its features.

Tighter Security

The fear of losing all your files to a malware attack is something no one wants to experience.
As intelligent gadgets begin to improve in different ramifications, there appears to be an equal sophistication present in malware. Numbering up to almost a billion malware programs in existence, the average smartphone user is susceptible to several malware attacks each day.
While antivirus software can recognize most malware forms, it’s practically impossible to detect them all. However, it’s easy to identify such files with file management software and prevent them from running on your device.
An efficient file management system acts as an extra shield by preventing suspicious programs from gaining access to your device’s storage space.
cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software

Cross-platform Operations

These days, most individuals have multiple smartphones. However, lots of them still struggle to create a centralized storage system for their files. Well, file management software provides the perfect solution to this nagging issue.
By developing suitable file management software that works regardless of OS, an effective file management system allows you to manage all your files across several devices such as your Windows PC, Android, Tablets, iPads, iPhones, or Mac OS.
As a result, you get seamless access to all your devices across all OS variations, ensuring that you get more work done wherever you may be.