Locate your documents on your computer quickly and effortlessly.

Cataleezr allows you to locate your documents and files using either keywords extracted automatically or manually added or by letting you follow the files organized structure.

cataleezr file management software

Locate your documents without typing any keywords

The goal of organizing your files and documents is to be able to later find them quickly without typing any key words.There are two ways to locate your files: Browse by Topics or Browse by Keywords

Browse by Topics

By browsing the topics created by Cataleezr and assigned to documents, you will easily find your documents. Regardless of their location on your computer. Cataleezr can find all documents on the same topic with a single click.

Of course, in order to keep Cataleezr up to date, you would have to delete or move your documents and files within Cataleezr. Otherwise, documents and files will be “greyed out” if their location has changed outside of Cataleezr.

Warning: When you delete a topic, the documents and files grouped under this topic will also be deleted

cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software

Browse by Keywords

Cataleezr provides all the important keywords extracted automatically when analyzing your documents or files. By simply clicking on the keyword of interest, you will access all the related documents (in other words: list the documents)

You can also, by clicking on a keyword, ask Cataleezr to launch a broader search with this keyword. That is, find documents containing this keyword, but in which it is not considered to be an important word (in other words: find documents containing this word)

Search by using your own keywords

By using your own keywords for the search, Cataleezr will find documents and files containing these keywords. The specificity of Cataleezr is that it will find documents relevant to your search, even if they do not contain the keywords you are looking for, because Cataleezr will include similar documents in the search results.

Similar documents

A similar document is a document which does not contain the searched keyword. But Cataleezr will find similar words close to the searched keyword.

Then from these similar keywords, the similar documents will be included in the search results. As a result, even if a document does not contain your searched keywords, Cataleezr will display other documents containing the similar keywords

cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software


The keywords and a preview of the content are created by Cataleezr to give you a quick overview of the documents. You can edit this information at any time and at your convenience.

You can also move your documents or files within Cataleezr.

A Complete Beginners Guide to file management.

In an era where most businesses are employing the latest technological innovation like AI, blockchain, and even Big-data to improve their business activity. Some of the areas where businesses direct their technology strengths are customer service, product design, and marketing. Although interestingly, the subject of file management has remained untapped by technology, it’s little wonder why there are loopholes in these business drivers for growth.

Multinationals who invest lots of money in technology to boost the efficiency of their operations have, in one way or the other, failed to recognize the benefit that a robust file management system would have on their productivity. Thus this means that they are still missing out on saving massive amounts of time and resources.

File management definition

File management is defined as the process of regulating a system that correctly handles digital data. Thus a sound file management system enhances the entire function and operation of a business workflow. File management tools also make it possible to organize relevant data and provides a searchable database for easy retrieval.

File management components are intended to help a user or team handle files, such as special office documentation and records, and minimal capability. It can show report information such as the owner, formation date, level of progress, and other valuable features in an office setting. This is a basic file management description and should help get the hang of what we discuss further in sections ahead.

File management in the operating system

File management is one of the primary and most relevant features you can have on your operating system. File management in OS is beneficial, primarily when you perform essential functions based on the following concepts:
cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software

File management basic operations

The following are typical file management utility software essential operation of any operating system, and it is valuable for the most computer system:
  • File management helps create new files for your computer system and enables you to arrange them in several locations.
  • File management software helps you to find files on your computer quickly.
  • It enables the process of exchanging files among various users straightforward and user-friendly.
  • It is beneficial to keep the files in separate folders classified as directories. These folders allow users to quickly scan for files or arrange files depending on their categories or purposes.
  • It allows the user to change the data of files or the name of files in folders.

File Attributes

It defines the properties of the files, such as sort, last modification date, size, location on storage, and so on. File attributes assist a user in getting a grasp of the meaning and location of data. One of the most critical features is file attributes. It is used to understand all of the details about a specific file.
cataleezr file management software

File Operations

This aspect of file management specifies that activity can be done on a file, like opening and closing a file.

File Access Permission

This is another one of many file management examples. This aspect specifies that access permissions are linked to a file like reading and write.

File Management Sofware and Operating Systems


Linux supports most file systems, but the most popular options for the system disk on a block computer are btrsfs, JFS, and XFS. YAFFS, JFFS 2, UBIFS and are among the raw flash formats that do not need MTD (Memory Technology Device) or FTL (flash translation layer). Although the SquashFS is a popular read-only compression file system for a file management computer.

cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software

File Systems

This area specifies the logical method of file management by operating system operation. Examples of some commonly used file systems are NTFS and FAT.
A file management system could contain features such as:
  • Notes
  • Status
  • Assigning queued document numbers for processing
  • Owner and process mapping to monitor various stages of processing
  • Report Generation
  • Create, copy, delete, modify, and other file operations.

PDFelement for Business

PDFelement for Businesses enables users to conveniently create, translate, partner, edit, and sign professional PDF files, not to mention immersive document preparation. It allows the business to generate PDF files from other documents such as Word, Excel, and PPT. For business purposes, the tool may also translate scanned files into editable and searchable PDF files. It also has an excellent OCR engine that recognizes images and text in PDF files using 20 compatible languages.
The program also allows for the combination of several PDF files into a single document. Most businesses can split several files from a large PDF and store them separately for various purposes. The tool also supports database encryption by allowing the addition of encrypted keys to secure the document.

Unix-like and Unix Operating System

Unix-like operating systems create a virtual file structure, which tends to be a single hierarchy for all files on most computers. This suggests that there is just one root directory in such programs, and any file on the machine is stored somewhere under it. Unix-like systems may have their root directory on a network shared resource or a RAM disk.


MacOS employs the APFS (Apple File System), which replaces the HFS+ (HFS Plus) file system adopted from the classic Mac. More so, Apple also refers to HFS plus as “Mac OS Extended.” HFS+ is a metadata-rich and case-preserving file system that is case-insensitive. UNIX permissions were applied to HFS+ due to the macOS’s UNIX origins. Later versions of HFS+ implemented journaling to avoid file system configuration corruption and incorporated various optimizations to the allocation algorithms to defragment files dynamically without the need for an external defragmenter.
cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software

Purpose of Windows Explorer

If you’re using Microsoft Windows, you can edit your docs in applications like Microsoft Word or Excel, save them, and then open them again within the same program. Installation of a file manager would be a bonus to the work you do, more so you can get file manager software for windows 7 free download, where you can enjoy premium features for a while before making a purchase.
You’ll often like to search your hard drive or portable media, such as USB memory sticks, for specific files. You might also want to rearrange the files into new folder hierarchies to make them easier to find. For example, if you operate a small business, you could initially arrange files by their types and then create a second layer of folders, sorting them monthly or yearly as the folders get clogged with files.

Microsoft Windows

The Windows operating system uses the exFAT, FAT, NTFS, ReFS, and Live Files system. Whether you are using File manager software for windows 8 1, File manager software for windows 8, File management software for windows 7, or File manager software for XP, you can use it on any Windows server and still get the best result.


Dokmee is a file management business central software that saves you time and energy by providing various record imaging and monitoring resources to organize essential electronic files in your business. It includes a range of desktop and website configurations at varying costs. The file software has an easy-to-use GUI as well as particular recording and editing facilities.

The program integrates well with most office applications, printers, email clients, and handheld devices. The software is compatible with most scanners and can download files from word processors and email programs. It also lets you apply metadata, tags, and other sorting information to every scanned or imported file into Dokmee Professional. Dokmee is also a file management pdf program because it can transform PDF files and merge and distribute them.
cataleezr file management software


M-Files are a unique file storage program that improves the efficiency of businesses by organizing and handling all electronic records. It has a checkout function that assists in keeping track of any document being worked on and monitoring its modifications.
It is a very simple to use software that allows you to build, reorganize, arrange, exchange, and manage documents for your business. M-Files formats are available for Windows and Mac machines and Android and iOS smartphones, making them easy to use at your leisure. This app also provides scanning, editing, and saving records to a folder, among other functions.

Best file manager software for windows 7 and other OS

As we earlier discussed, File management software allows you to arrange, modify, manage, and monitor the workflow of files your business uses for operation. For example, they can assist you in getting feedback from interested parties on a specific paper.
File management software also allows you to keep track of sensitive records in a business, and consumers can use automated filing software to monitor all electronic files in your business. Most of these features can still be enjoyed even if you get free file management software for windows.
Simply put, most businesses would need reliable file management software to run smoothly and improve their efficiency, which is why this section introduces you to the five best file manager software windows 7 and other windows versions.
cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software


eFileCabinet is an excellent choice for file storage for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a variety of features such as searching, tagging, workflow, and cloud storage. The functions are fairly simple to use and stable enough for any person. It offers unrestricted access, an integrated cloud backup facility, and a massive template catalog in file management BBC bitesize. The program offers many versions of its applications for server-side and hosted file storage devices.
The file management program includes several management tools that enable managers to assign various permissions to employees. For instance, an employee might be given the responsibility of preventing individual workers from deleting records. DMS features also assist you with managing updates to essential data. It is compatible with PowerPoint, Word, QuickBooks, Excel, and PDF. You can also find its extension in the file management Chromebook.

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat is a portable paper format (PDF) viewer, creator, printer, and manager created by Adobe Systems (PDF). It is compatible with file management software windows 7 and file management software windows 10. More so, PDFs are an excellent file format for storing books or written documents that can be conveniently forwarded to another person by email, for example. Other essential components for a file management system are; Spreadsheet files, Archive compressed files, Database files, Image files, Animation files, Folders, File Path, Organizing folders and files, Using a file manager, Text files, Document files, Locked document files, and Web Pages.
cataleezr file management software

How Records management software works

Records management software streamlines and automates record-keeping policies and practices. It enables you to identify and establish protocols that ensure transparent working processes, reliable data and collect an audit-traceable record of operation.
Most records management software vendors sell software that operates in combination with authentication, recording, and electronic signatures to ensure data are maintained according to quality standards. Compliance is a concern, such as with regulatory requirements, FDA, e-Discovery, HIPAA, Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO, and more.


Pinpoint is a popular file management program that can be run on your server or in a cloud computing system. The program conveniently files documents and is file management software windows 7 compatible. The software is also compatible with Macs, PCs, and handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets. The software is straightforward to configure and update. In addition to storing the original file, the software generates a viewable PDF for registered users.

Presentation files

A presentation file stores information using slides that can be shown consecutively. Typically, file management in operating system ppt is used by teachers, businesses, and learners where the speaker discusses the topic using the content of the slides. Slides are short; they can contain pictures and animations and are generally attractive. The three main file extensions for presentations are:
  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .odp
cataleezr file management software
cataleezr file management software

File management benefits

Most of the benefits you’ll enjoy from a file management system or file tracking software hinge on its accessibility and organization. Some of which are:
  • Improved file tracking for deletion and archival
  • Elimination of paper filing systems
  • Organizing of files for easy and quick accessibility
  • Convenient file search
  • Safer and more secure storage and retrieval

File management disadvantages

  • Atomicity Problem
  • Concurrent Access Anomalies
  • Security Problems
  • Data Redundancy
  • Limited Data Sharing
  • Integrity Problems
  • Data Inconsistency
  • Difficulty in Accessing Data

File management concept

Getting an efficient computer file system will make a big difference in your daily life. For instance, file management’s brainly definition describes it as the software it saves time; while, most file management books, it will encourage you to be more organized. This section will look at what file organization is and how to use it with the various types of files found on your computer. You’ll also discover the significance of file storage and how to organize, uninstall, recover, transfer, access, and sort files and directories.

Video Files

Video file management software is a type of file format used to store digital video files on a device. Video file formats are usually compressed to minimize file size. A video file consists of two parts: a “codec” and a”shell.” When the video files are too massive to play or stream, a codec is used to compress and decompress them. The x264, XviD, DivX, and FFMpeg are examples of codecs. A container is a collection of files that contains metadata about a digital file. A box in a video file, for example, will be a mixture of both audio and video in a single file, allowing the file to play both audio and video at the same time. Containers widely used include MP, AVI, WMV, and FLV, and work when you get video file management software free.
cataleezr file management software